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Sustainable ranching & "Cowboy Conservation"

Can the practice of "Holistic Management" in which livestock improve the health of soil and create the right conditions for grasses to thrive live up to its promise? One Colorado rancher is hoping so.
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Beer: Location, Location, Location?

Breweries were once located at the source of their water. The mineral content of that water gave the beer its unique flavor. But now a brewer can locate anywhere there's tap water— from strip malls to ski resorts. Does location matter anymore?
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Acequias— Wisdom in the Ditches

Ancient irrigation canals brought by Spanish colonists to the southwest helped them survive in a region of scarce water. Given drought, adjudications and social change, is the survival of acequias that once sustained these early settlers now in doubt?
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July 27, 2014

Oil & Gas Tapping Deep Prehistoric Aquifers for Fracking

Cuba Looking To Mangroves To Combat Rising Seas

Armed Bandits Demanding Water in Drought-Stricken India

Science Droplets: Squids As Prosthetic Limbs?

Will Global Warming Mean The End of Hockey?

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