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Flight Plan: How Unmanned Aircraft Are Helping Scientific Research Take Off

The U.S. Geological Survey keeps track of how much water flows through rivers and streams across the country to help plan for shortages—or at the other extreme—brace for floods. But there are more waterways than the agency is able to track, so recently they added a new tool that will not only help them cover more ground, but also help them learn more about this precious resource—all without ever touching a drop. Listen now >

Do Future Generations Have Rights to a Healthy Planet? A Current Human Says They Do—and He’s Walking on Their Behalf.

"Walking the talk" is a phrase many people use to describe someone who is actually acting on their beliefs. H2O Radio recently met up with a man who—after an idea came to him in the middle of the night—is doing exactly that. Listen now >

Gaming Gravity: How Farmers and Ranchers Are Using the Flow of Water to Power Operations on Their Land

Agriculture uses a lot of water. But what if that water were used for more than growing food? What if it could generate energy—renewable energy? It can, and a program in Colorado is helping farmers harness hydropower to lower costs, save time—and conserve the water itself. Listen now >


Headlines for the week
ending Oct. 14, 2018

Global warming likely
caused Hurricane Michael
to intensify rapidly.

Colorado River drought contingency plans move forward, but tensions still exist.

The Clean Water Act works.
A new study shows the
50-year-old legislation substantially reduces pollution....

...But the Clean Water Act works only when enforced. Slaughterhouses are discharging wastewater directly into streams and rivers, violating pollution control permits.

What's the climate impact
of a danish? Ask the Danes.

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