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What's Up and Underground in Las Animas County?

Homeowners in Southeast Colorado have water wells contaminated with a chemical known as "Tert-butyl alcohol" or "TBA." TBA is a man-made substance found in many household items such as perfumes, cosmetics and paint removers— and is sometimes used in fracking. Could nearby gas drilling be to blame?
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Changing Fixtures, Changing Lives

Mile High Youth Corps provides jobs for young adults ages 18-24. Rooted in the tradition of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s, it addresses the employment and educational needs of youth by putting them to work in ways that benefit the community— and enrich their lives.
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Want to Save the Amazon? Think Like An Ant.

Yasuni National Park in Ecuador— the most biodiverse place on earth is at risk from oil development. The local indigenous Kichwa people think they know what's best for the Amazon and how to protect it. They've developed an award-winning model of eco-tourism that's providing the jobs, schools and healthcare they need. And all it took was having the mindset of a leaf-cutter ant.
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January 25, 2015

Yellowstone River Oil Spill Contaminates Montana Water

Nearly 3 Million Gallons of Drilling WasteWater Spill From North Dakota Pipeline

Could "Atmospheric Rivers" Save California?

Sea Levels Rising Faster
Than First Thought

The Town That Sank– And Then Reemerged Due to Climate Change

Nature Calling And You've
Got To Go? There's An App For That.

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